An enrolment drive for Auckland’s new migrant communities

Enrolment is easy, costs nothing and benefits you, your family as well as your community.

If you enrol with your local doctor, you get cheaper fees:

  • with your regular doctor
  • pay only $5 for each prescription from your regular doctor

You also get:

  • Access to free interpretation services, if required
  • Your doctor’s practice will include you in recalls for screening such as cervical and breast screening, as well as immunisation reminders for your children
  • Additional services such as support to better manage conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure as well as advice on healthy lifestyles such as help to quit smoking
  • Encourages you to develop a strong relationship with your doctor and general practice team (People who have an ongoing relationship with their family doctor tend to get diagnosed more quickly and spend less time in hospital)  


How to enrol

While you need to be eligible(external link)for public health services, enrolment or registering is easy – and free. Simply contact the general practice you want to enrol or casual/register with.

Just so you know, ‘enrolment’ is different to 'registering' with a family doctor.

If you do not ‘enrol’ but only ‘register’ with a doctor you will be charged a higher fee so it is important to ‘enrol’ with the medical centre that you are happy with.

Remember, enrolment is voluntary. It’s your choice to enrol or casual/register with a family doctor that suits you and your family needs.

Enrolment is only available to those who are eligible(external link).


How long does enrolment take? 

It can take up to three months for enrolment to take place, so you should enrol before you are unwell so you can enjoy benefits such as cheaper fees when you do actually need to visit your doctor.


International students

If you are an international student you will not be eligible to enrol but you can ‘register’ with a family doctor. You will also need to be covered by medical insurance to pay for the doctor’s treatment and other health services. However some services may not be covered. You will need to know what your policy excludes. For example, any pre-existing conditions. You will need to check with your insurer first before you use a health service.


Find a doctor

If you don’t have a regular doctor, a list of GPs in your local Auckland area can be found here.


NZ Now link)  

New Zealand Immigration website for up-to-date new migrant information including health services.

Case studies

Hear from the people who have enrolled with a doctor and the benefits they're enjoying.

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